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Honda Elite Dio ZX rear pulley with belt -

Honda Elite Dio ZX rear pulley

$ 69.00

If your looking at this you probably know what the benefits are of having a larger ZX rear pulley............ more torque !

As we gear for top speed,you will start to lose some of your bottom end acceleration.

This rear pulley will require minor case grinding to prevent belt rubbing.

So bust out your dremel do a little case work, and hit the road with some more pull !

This will work with the stock variator as long as you use a longer drive boss, using the Polini Honda Ruckus variator will give a wider gear ratio.

Note: When you install a longer drive boss you will want to space your transmission cover to maintain the original clearance. This can be easily be done by installing additional transmission cover gaskets available here.


We also carry a wide range of belts for the ZX transmissions a few links are below 


SYM OEM Bando Belt 654x18x30

Bando 669x18x30

Naraku 669x18x30

Malossi Kevlar



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