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Malossi MHR full circle crankshaft for the Honda Dio AF18E -

Malossi MHR full circle crankshaft for the Honda Dio AF18E

$ 209.00

Malossi crankshaft for the Honda AF18E If you have the AF16E engine found on the Honda Elite you will want the one made for the AF16E.

These full circle crankshafts produced by the people at MALOSSI will take you to the heights of RPM heaven! A Higher Primary Compression (HPC) means higher revs and a higher top speed. Push your limits!

The central element of every motor, the crankshaft, has had high demands placed upon it by the MALOSSI technicians. To satisfy these demands all crankshafts constructed by MALOSSI have forged crank webs. As a consequence even the standard replacement version profits from high end elements, from the MALOSSI RHQ range, not normally seen on OE specification items. This makes the RHQ and MHR crankshafts identical, save a few minor details. Both crankshaft types share the same stiffer, strengthened con-rods which have special alloy coatings for an ideal surface finish. The genuine high-end forged con-rods can be found included in the MALOSSI MHR Team Version crankshaft assembly. These forged items are harder, thinner and as a result lighter than cast types.

Malossi 537814

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