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Stage 6 Streetrace 70 for the Yamaha Zuma Prebug 1989-2001 -

Stage 6 Streetrace 70 for the Yamaha Zuma Prebug 1989-2001

$ 174.99


Stage6 Cylinder Kit 70cc Streetrace cast iron Minarelli vertical (Yamaha BW's / Slider), powerful cast iron cylinder for everyday riding.

The Streetrace is a lower-priced version the popular Sport Pro aluminium cylinder. Transfer port layout is basically identical to the more powerful 70cc Sport Pro kit, it was slightly modified to meet the thermal requirements of a cast iron cylinder. Renowned Italian manufacturer Vertex Pistons is making the pistons for this top quality kit.

The performance curve is similar to the Sport Pro; it provides better take-offs but less peak power (0.5hp less). Top performance is at approx. 10,000 rpm, 8 - 11hp are realistic. To exploit the full potential of this kit, we recommend combining it with a bigger carburetor and a sports or even racing exhaust.

The cylinder looks unobtrusive and similar to the stock part. Stage6 has deliberately decided not to display the brand name on the cylinder, instead of a logo they stamped "49ccm" on it.

The kit includes:

  • 70cc cast iron cylinder, d=47mm
  • 2-ring piston, 10mm pin
  • high-compression cylinder head, aluminium
  • gasket set

As always, we recommend cleaning the engine before installing a new cylinder and getting a new spark plug and a new small end bearing. Carburetor settings may need to be readjusted.


Minarelli vertical

10mm wrist pin

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