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Stage6 HPC MKII Minarelli Vertical Crankshaft 12mm

Stage6 HPC MKII Minarelli Vertical Crankshaft 12mm

$ 179.99

High-quality tuning parts from Stage6: Stage6 Crankshaft HPC MKII piston pin=12mm Yamaha BW's (Minarelli vertical), perfect complement for sport and racing cylinders. The MK2 High Primary Compression (HPC) crankshaft is the second generation HPC crankshaft from tuning specialist Stage6 and is designed for tuned engines, ranging from lightly tuned sport to high performance racing set-ups.

The high-quality crankshaft is completely made of metal; the counterweight inserts are made from metal as well. This ensures excellent balancing and stability even at the highest rpms. The connecting rod is forged which provides strength and reliability far surpassing any cast part.

This MK2 HPC crankshaft was built for tuning and racing set-ups, starting at 50cc and going up to 70cc. It can even be used for 70cc high-end engines.

Technical specs:

  • connecting rod: original
  • stroke: original (39mm)
  • piston pin: original (12mm)
  • small end bearing: 12x17x15mm
  • maximum speed: 16,000rpm
  • product range: racing / high-end racing

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