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The speedo has a size of 100 x 60 x 20mm and requires a 12V supply. Revs are picked up inductively while the speed is picked up via a magnet sensor installed at the wheel.
As an alternative, a speedo adapter for Yamaha/MBK and Piaggio models can be supplied that allows for transmitting the speed directly from the speedo drive to the instrument. Part numbers are listed under spare parts.
For racing engines and racing ignitions, resistor spark plugs will have to be used.

The speedometer has the following features:
* Speedometer 0-360 km/h (or mph)
* Rev counter up to 20,000 rpm
* Scalable rpm curve
* Thermometer 0-250° C (PT-1/8' sensor)
* Engine hours meter 0-999.9 h
* Fuel gauge 0-100%
* Voltmeter 0-18.0 V
* Odometer, shift light, top speed storage, temperature alarm

There is also a timer that allows for measuring
* the time necessary to reach a certain speed
* the time necessary to cover a certain distance

After connecting the speedometer to the 12 V on-board supply, the speedo is ready for use. It can be used for two-stroke and four-stroke scoots as well as for vehicles with manual transmission.
Equipped with two PT-1/8 temperature sensors that can pick up the temperature at two places in the cooling circuit. For Piaggio and Peugeot, additional temperature sensors with a M10 x 1.0 or M14 x 1.25 pitch are available.

Name Speedometer Stage6 White Line and Orange Line white
Item No. S6-4080/WH
Brand Stage6 R/T
Display Digital
Functions Distance, Engine temperature, RPM, Speed Km/h
Power supply 12V Supply

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