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Stage6 Sport Pro MKII Minarelli Vertical -

Stage6 Sport Pro MKII Yamaha Zuma Prebug Minarelli Vertical

$ 176.00

The Stage6 Sport Pro 70cc aluminium cylinder is a good and affordable cylinder that has been popular with many tuners – and now Stage6, with their new Sport Pro MKII, are taking thing one step further. 

A completely new design incl. new transfer ports cater for 2 hp more, which with the right components results in 15–17 hp right out of the box. The appearance is based on the pentagonal shape of the R/T cylinders. The head is a one-piece construction with cast scavenging passages for better heat transfer. The piston used is a replica of the R/T version, with domed crown and 0.8mm ring to increase performance and improve thermal stability. We are sure that this cylinder will set new standards in the tuning scene.

Minarelli Vertical

10mm wrist pin


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