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Yasuni C20 Carrera exhaust Black edition Minarelli horizontal -

Yasuni C20 Carrera exhaust Black edition Minarelli horizontal

$ 299.00

Yasuni C20 Carrera exhaust system.

The Yasuni C20-Carrera exhaust system is a full high-end and is only suitable for mid to high end full race cylinder kits such as Polini Evolution, Malossi MHR (not replica!), Stage6 R/T and Stage6 Racing MKII. It is too highly tuned to work with 50cc or 70cc sports cylinder kits!

The Yasuni C20 race pipe does not have any restrictions and is marked 'competition use only'.

Being a full race pipe it cannot be used in conjunction with a center stand (must be removed if fitted).

This pipe is a high performing race pipe which really likes to rev (makes for some very high top speeds) and works best on cylinders designed to run upwards of 11-12,000rpm.

The Yasuni C20 is very similar to the Yasuni C21 but is designed to make power very slightly lower down the rev range than the C21. The C21 is therefore capable of slightly higher top speeds than the C20 but at a cost of slightly less low down power.

As usual the Yasuni quality is perfection with all joints perfectly sealed with O-rings and perfect hand TIG welding. All necessary brackets/ fittings are included.

The Yasuni C20-Carrera exhaust is designed and handmade in the Yasuni factory in Spain and are NOT road legal.



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